Due to rising competition and difficulty level of prelims, the first stage is becoming quite uncertain. Therefore please do not leave any stone unturned and concentrate exclusively on prelims in the last two months before the pre-exam.

Focus on three pillars: These are your standard books, current affairs and test series. For standard books, select the common books which are done by most of the aspirants. I have shared few of my sources along with my sources for Mains – here. For current affairs, do keep reading the newspapers and supplement it with a monthly current affairs magazine. Please try to do minimum thirty test papers before the exam as it would enhance your knowledge base, increase your accuracy and time management during the exam.

Proceed as per a timetable: This is necessary to ensure that things do not get piled up later and adequate time is left for revision. Do backward planning, keeping in mind that you would like to revise some of the factual stuff in the last few days. Multiple revisions are absolutely necessary as the nature of the paper is factual and hence requires a good memory.

Manage your nerves: I can completely understand that as the prelims approaches, one starts feeling very nervous and feels under-prepared. This had happened to me both the times to the extent, I was never able to get sleep on the night before prelims. I will confess that though I was better prepared for my second attempt, however, because of the anxiety, I was not able to perform well during the exam. So please learn from my experience and do not repeat this mistake. If you have revised your standard books and current affairs couple of times and attempted test papers, you are good to go. In the last few days, you might not be able to cover or revise all you had planned initially. At that moment, just relax and think it is absolutely normal.

So go ahead, rise and shine! 🙂